Service Delivery Model

Next Steps


In an attempt to support you in the planning stage of the process I would like to propose that your team considers the following professional development implementation models:

  1. Keynote presentation to the entire district or key persons in the district (i.e. all administrators, cabinet level members, board of education members, district leadership and/or school leadership team members, Special Education, English Language Learner and Gifted Education departments etc).
  2. Professional Development for All. Follow up sessions to consist of at least one professional development session to be conducted at each school in the district.
  3. Full day of professional development focused on further developing the competencies needed to effectively address the issue of high poverty and cultural differences and the impact of these topics on teaching and learning.
  4. Keynote presentation to be delivered during a Board Retreat, District Institute or School Improvement day.
  5. Author Led Book Study Groups: Book study groups to be conducted with members of the teaching and administrative staff during professional development or after school sessions.
    • Options for consideration: each school to send several interested teachers and administrators to participate in scheduled after school book study group. Note: teachers and administrators from multiple schools are able to participate in each session together.
    • Book study groups to be held for the teachers and administrators in one particular school and for several different schools during the course of a
      school year as requested.
  6. Saturday Sessions: 1 or 2 full-day (6 hours) sessions. In-depth professional development training on culturally responsive teaching and leading.
  7. Summer Enrichment Professional Development: In-depth professional development training on culturally responsive teaching and leading. Participants in this workshop series will use the SMART goals framework in planning for the implementation of goals relevant to culturally responsive teaching and leading.
  8. New Option! Summer Training: This training session is a Train the Trainers Model: The purpose of this training class is to equip teachers and administrators with the tools needed to conduct professional development on the topic of Culturally Responsive Teaching in their individual schools and throughout the district