Administrators, Teachers and Parents

High Leverage Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leadership Practices

Workshop Description: More pressure has been put on educators to produce results than ever before in the history of public education. At the same time demographic shifts are bringing a more diverse population of students to schools. Educators are striving to respond but much lack the cultural proficiency needed to address the needs of a diverse student population (Nelson and Guerra 2007).

During this inspiring professional development experience, teachers and administrators will:


  • Develop the competencies needed to effectively address the issue of high poverty and cultural differences and the impact of these topics on teaching and learning.
  • Develop the cultural proficiencies needed to dramatically improve student achievement.
  • Engage in the life-changing process of exploring self-culture and the impact of culture on teaching and learning.
  • Obtain practical instructional and leadership strategies for dramatically improving the academic achievement levels of students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Develop a deep understanding of how teachers' cultures impacts their delivery of instruction and assessment of student knowledge. Use this level of understanding to develop a comprehensive plan of action for dramatically improving student learning.