The purpose of this podcast is to examine at a very deep level, those things that are occurring in America's schools which impact educators' ability to improve the academic achievement levels of all students, and more specifically, students of color (which includes students from various linguistic backgrounds) and students experiencing the impact of poverty (which includes students from all ethnic backgrounds).

The second and most important purpose of this Podcast Show is to provide recommendations that can be tried, proven and then replicated in schools and districts across the entire country.


Show description 

The Silent Killer: What WE already knew. This podcast addresses the silent killer of low literacy in America and the impact on our nation's most vulnerable citizens. In this podcast Dr. Sonya Whitaker makes it clear that although 65 years ago, U.S. Supreme Court Justices ruled segregation in schools as being unconstitutional (Brown vs. Board of Education), America's schools have re-segregated. Dr. Whitaker is now pushing for their to be local, state and national level attention focused on what she believes is a national crisis and is referring to this crisis as "the silent killer."


Introduction to Series Two 

Happy New Year!!! This one minute audio recording has been developed for the purpose of providing you with a brief overview of the purpose of my podcast show entitled What's Really Going On: A Spotlight on Improving Student Achievement for Students in America's Schools.

S2 Ep. 1 Show Description:

Happy New Year! This podcast has been recorded for the purpose of helping you to focus your equity work in a manner that results in an improvement in the quality of life of others.

S1 Ep1 The Purpose of Series One of This Podcast Show:

This episode provides for you an introduction to this podcast show. The ultimate goal is to provide for you a clear picture of what matters to Dr. Sonya Whitaker relevant to her efforts (and yours) specific to engaging in equity work across the nation.  

S1 Ep. 2 Show description:

This episode focuses on Dr. Sonya Whitaker's four leadership lessons learned from the lady who cleans the bathroom at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. The episode is an extension of her blog posted dated December 26, 2018. You may access the blog post by visiting her website at sonyawhitaker.com.

S1 Ep. 3 Show description:

This episode is a spinoff to the blog that Dr. Sonya Whitaker posted and is dated December 18, 2018. The focus of this seven-minute show is to draw your attention to the need to identify and then address the societal factors which impact student performance.

S1 Ep. 4 Show description:

This episode is a spinoff to the blog post that Dr. Sonya Whitaker posted and is dated April 6, 2019. The focus of this eight-minute show is to offer recommendations for the types of strategies that can be implemented for the purpose of empowering girls and students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds as it relates to increasing their STEM knowledge. 

S1 Ep. 5 Show description

During this podcast Dr. Sonya Whitaker interviews Dr. Nicholas Wahl (Superintendent in Residence for Equal Opportunity Schools). Dr. Wahl discusses his equity journey as well as the work that his organization does to support organizations in ensuring that students from diverse backgrounds obtain access to rigorous studies. 

S1 Ep. 6 Show description

During this podcast Dr. Sonya Whitaker interviews Mr. Ralph Martire. Mr. Martire is highly respected and acknowledged nationwide for his work relevant to school finance. He is the current Director for the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (CTBA) which is a bipartisan 501(c)(3) think tank committed to ensuring that state, federal and local workforce, education, fiscal, and economic and budget policies are fair and just, and promote opportunity for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, or income. In this podcast he discusses what the term equity means to him as well as what it means to distribute school finances using an equity lens.