Welcome to Sonya Whitaker’s Blog


I would like to share that I am thrilled to unveil My New Website to you!! This website has been developed with you in mind. My goal is to remain in close contact with you as we grow to
develop a better understanding about how to best meet the needs of our diverse population of students.

In the past, very often after I have interacted with educators in a particular district, I have received feedback from educators indicating that they wanted to “keep our lines of communication
open and thoughts flowing” long after the workshop or keynote presentation has ended. My website serves as a direct response to that request. Please consider this website interactive. From
time to time I will post information relevant to various different research articles and books that currently inform my thinking. After doing so, I will invite you to share your expertise by
responding to the text. I am so looking forward to our experience.

Thank you very much for your interest in Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading. I am very much excited about the opportunity to blog with you as we continue to develop the cultural
competencies needed to ensure high levels of learning for all students. I believe that by remaining in constant communication regarding the strategies that we are implementing at the
classroom, school and district level, we will be able to create a data base of information specific to “what works for our students.” By blogging on this site with me and other educators you will have direct access to a rich data base of information and that’s powerful!

This blog site has been created for one reason in particular. I felt that it was necessary for those of us that are serious about improving student learning to be able to come together and learn from one another. This is so exciting! My only request is that we remain as positive as possible throughout the blogging process. In other words, as opposed to admiring problems, we will focus mainly on recommending solutions. This blog site is a great place to “let down our guard” and get comfortable with asking for suggestions and providing recommendations.

Here we go!!!! I have been anxious to hear from you. Let’s start out by having you share with me your thoughts about the presentation that I just conducted on your behalf.